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Product Details

MEDIX Turboneb

SKU:   3605050HW
Price:   £139.60   

Medix Turboneb 2

The Turboneb 2 has the highest flow rate of all the Clement Clarke nebulisers, for fast drug delivery. It is continuously rated, making it a cool running nebuliser for demanding use; such as in a multi-patient ward environment. The Turboneb 2 offers a customised solution for all patients requiring inhaled drug therapy.

Product Features and Benefits

• Ideal for CF patients • Continuously rated • Remains cool during constant use • Powerful compressor • Reliable and easy to use • Easy carrying handle

Operating Instructions

Country:                      UK/EU Operating:                   230V / 50Hz Power Consumption: 68VA (296mA) Fuse:                           1 x T1AL 20mm long Nominal Flow:            Max flow 9 L/min @ 138 kPa* Max flow 10.5 L/min @ 138 kPa* Weight:                       2.7 kg Dimensions:               210mm x 185mm x 185mm Type Rating:               Class II BF Continuous Sound:                        63 dbA approx

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