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SKU:   3152070
Price:   £4.99   

Trainhaler  - pMDI Training System

Trainhaler is the first non-electronic pMDI training system to provide flow and co-ordination coaching. Trainhaler is a placebo-like pMDI training device. With the addition of a Flo-Tone Trainer, it becomes the essential tool for healthcare professionals to teach inhaler technique (flow and co-ordination).

Product Features and Benefits

• Box contains: 1 x Trainhaler and 1 x Flo-Tone mouthpiece
• No medication (placebo-like)
• No HFA (sounds similar)
• Environmentally friendly
• Multi-patient use (can be cleaned easily)
• Flow rate guidance from Flo-Tone (whistle)
• Firing signal for easy co-ordination from Flo-Tone
• Low cost option for inhaler technique training
• Teaches correct flow rate, with the ability to master inhale/actuate co-ordination



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