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In-Check M

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In-Check M

In-Check M is an inhalation airflow meter that can help educate and assess patients who use a pMDI inhaler device. Pressurised inhaler devices are designed to deliver medication to the respiratory tract, and the speed of inhalation through them (the inspiratory flow) can have significant effect on the quantity of drug delivered and the clinical efficacy of the product. In-Check M has been developed from the product In-Check DIAL, the device is specific to pMDI use, and simulates this inhaler format only.

Product Features and Benefits

• Individually calibrated to ensure accuracy
• Easy to clean by simple washing
• pMDI specific; suitable for inhaler technique training
• Use with one-way mouthpiece to minimise cross infection
• Describes correct technique for pMDI and clinically
  effective range

Measurement Range: 15-120 L/Min

Accuracy:                    10% +/- 10 L/Min

Repeatability:              5 L/Min

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